“From Dry Ice, to Ice-skating!” - 2.0!

( Gekozen door teamcaptain: Ik doe mee aan de Skate4AIR Tvåhundra (200 km) )

van totaal € 5.500 (88%)

“From Dry Ice, to Ice-skating!” - 2.0!

Research, as we all know very well, is still very expensive. That’s why we ‘the Beekman Team’ are gathering money for more CF research by ice-skating >200 kilometers at the “Alternatieve Elfstedentocht” (Alternative Eleven Cities Tour) (yes, in one day!): the 1st of March in Lulea (Sweden) on the Gulf of Bothnia!

As lab, led by prof. Jeffrey Beekman: one of the worldwide leading experts on CF, we have been trying to bring CF research further for over a decade. We feel like we can contribute in other ways as well and so we are very excited to participate in this challenge again.

If you feel like helping us out with that, feel free to have a look around on this website, and do reach out to us with any CF-related/iceskating related thoughts!

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